A look back in time

Well, well, well a Sunday night in March 2014 and yet another incarnation of AskJohn.com.  Let’s see this site was first launched sometime in 1998 by yours truly ( John J. Cannon ) and since then lots has been happening but I thought yet another blog would be nice to setup and some other cool things in between.  So here it is a new and improved AskJohn.com setting out to add a little drop of something in this world of bits and bytes.  So check back periodically and look for some quirky things, yeah I know I could use those other places that are popular but I’ve been doing things alone just fine and have quite a team around the world that plays well.  So ta ta for now, hope to post here every now and then.  Cheers!

Here is a screenshot of my site way back in 1999!



another oldie but goodie that got millions of hits at the turn of the century!  click it it mostly still works. 😀

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