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Well what better way to commit to doing something than post it on the web!  Today I started working out again.  It has been a very long time since I last worked out and I am going on record and sharing with supporters my dream of getting into shape and quitting smoking.  My personal challenge page is only open to people who contact me and want the inside scoop on my goal of losing weight, getting into shape and quitting smoking.  This is not going to be easy but I figure if I put up a private page and post the start ( today 4/12/2015 ) and get a few people who are here for me to encourage my efforts I might just get a killer body by July!  Wish me luck and if you want access to the page just send an email to john <at> with the subject my personal challenge!

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  1. If you ve set yourself some personal challenges, then why not spread that message and let that enthusiasm rub off on others? Whatever your goals, it will be great if you can encourage other people to set their own. It may be that they can join you on some of the challenges that you have set yourself and this way you can act as a source of encouragement to one another. If people see you setting yourself lots of goals, then that may prompt them to follow suit. So, make it your personal challenge to get others to set their own challenges!

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