I have found it is much better to rely on yourself than others

In my life I have taken the path to “Cultivate my own garden” struggling to learn new skills and refining hobbies that have turned into professions all the while asking for help along the way when needed.  It is always best to rely on yourself first yet when faced with a challenge that you just can’t get through turn to others for assistance.  There is ALWAYS someone there.  ALWAYS.  No matter how dark it gets no matter how hard it is to motivate yourself to do something just visualize lifting yourself up and getting better.  You will in due time.  I know it is hard to realize it but even if it takes a very long time small steps are the best way to a long journey and you need to always start small.  If your only task is getting up out of bed, brushing your teeth and making a nice meal of scrambled eggs with turkey bacon sobeit.  You did something.  If you only got out of bed and skipped the brushing your teeth and nice nutritious meal that’s great too.  I have been in many places up, down and everywhere in between and know how difficult it is to motivate yourself to do something.  What I have learned is just try something new like a nice walk near a pond saying hi to all the beauty of mother nature, slowly walk down a bustling noisy street in some big city, lay down at a warm sunny beach somewhere in this beautiful place we named earth or cuddle up and watch a good happy movie or read an uplifting book.  Whatever it is just do it and you will thank yourself all the more and be able to do it more regularly the more you try it.  Wishing you a great day filled with great new experiences!

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  1. I have been working since I was seven years old. First job for 3 years was a newspaper delivery boy and I earned $350 a year ( on my social security record ) after that I helped my cousin cut grass and also cut grass and shoveled snow on my own for extra money along with caddy at the golf range. Then when getting into high school I worked in the guidance office and library helping out then after that I was a delivery boy at a pharmacy. Onto telemarketing, waitering, computer center, then worked 18 years total climbing the ladder of IT as an Microsoft Certified Trainer becoming a full-time faculty at a local college then onto technical and business classes at a training center. Then turned my hobby of technically analyzing the financial markets into a full time job for 5 years building black box trading algorithms and training hundreds if not thousands of traders that shape the markets in a huge way. Now spending the past 3 years on another hobby turned profession with my music starting my own record label and releasing my first compilation album along with numerous others on my own. Wow what a journey it has been looking forward to the next leg for the next 10 – 15 years. Music is the most fun but least financially rewarding so for now the passion flame is burning strong.

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