Well I just thought I post here so everyone is aware.  There have been 2 pretty major earthquakes off the coast of Japan in the past few months and yes it will take Japan 40 years to clean up Fukushima and the Pole shift will be in full force for the remaining part of 2014 inflicting more volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural phenomena.  So let’s just not worry but be aware that what you don’t know can actually harm you and I just hope there is not a major earthquake near Fukushima and 15000 times the radiation of Hiroshima gets unleashed into the atmosphere, that would pretty much such for everything everywhere period.

It’s that time of year…

Well this has been quite an exciting winter and now is the time to watch nature blossom like she always does.  The birds are chirping in anticipation of the changes we all are starting to sense, could winter really be ending soon?  I sure hope so as the last few weeks left me with a bad cold and chill.  This year I thought I was going to withstand her fury but the hot/cold sequence caught my body off guard a little while back and I fell into a bad cough for about 10 days.  I still have some sniffles and I’m trying to determine if it is a cold or just some allergies.  Who knows and who really cares, I don’t I’m looking forward to shorts and tees and a nice walk in the park!  So leave a comment if you are looking forward to spring time wherever you may be.  Hope to hear from you soon!