New Music

  • GAtor “Need You Back” single
    Got a fresh new single for an up and coming talent by the name of GAtor called “Need You Back”.  This tune is smooth and the production is Grade A top notch.  The song and accompanying music video paint a musical picture of a man who has a heartfelt song... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-24
  • Voxmirage
    There are a few albums that come across my desk that I completely fall in love with and I have to say Voxmirage has created one of them.  This 13 track self-titled debut album from Voxmirage is a brilliant masterpiece that will give you everything you ever wanted. It is... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-21
  • Exclusive Interview with Dred Don Dot
       Well I had a great time interviewing a truly remarkable and real talent Dred Don Dot.  Many artists get into the game and copy everyone else in the music scene.  Dred Don Dot would rather stay real and do it from the heart.  Checkout this exclusive Very Cool Tunes... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-21
  • Richie Luna ” Celebrate ( The Call To Light) “
    Spectacular!  Just got a new single that blew my mind completely.  Richie Luna‘s new single “Celebrate ( The Call To Light )” is the real deal from concept to completion, this song is off the charts fantastic!  You will be hearing lots more about this single and it is one... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-16
  • J.P. Kallio “Read Between The Lines”
      J.P. Kallio released a musical masterpiece “Read Between The Lines”.  The songwriting and musicianship on this album are top notch!  I highly recommend you pick up a copy of his album today!  ... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-14
  • Delyric Oracle
    I have been checking out one unique recording artist this entire weekend and am completely captivated by the prolific and stylistic creations produced.  The artist is known as Delyric Oracle and I will try to summarize the cool things I have found with you now. First off, I will not... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-13
  • Fox & Mew “In Cahoots” debut EP
    Got a super hot debut EP full of energy and passion from a new band that goes by the name Fox & Mew.  It’s called “In Cahoots” and the vocals and production are top notch!  It brings me back to the time when music was full of soul and power.  This... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-12
  • Luke Neck “Microbits”
    Just got an amazing EP “Microbits” from a young talent from Buenos Aires named Luke Neck.  This 5 track EP is a sonic adventure stretching the limits of sound and composition.  It will grab you from the first second and take you away into a world of high tech sounds... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-12
  • The Doug Pegg Project “Living in a F’d Up World”
      My oh my what a F’d up world!  I’ve been looping Doug Pegg’s new single “Living in a F’d Up World” all day and checking out videos from Ray Wolf the author of a new book out “Living in a F’d Up World” and having a great time.  Think... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-11
  • The House The Old “Missing”
    Got a hot new debut single “Missing” from a new band The House The Old written by Imran Siddiqui and produced by Marco Delmar.  The track is so compelling with amazingly rich vocals and musicianship that pulls you in.  Checkout a preview of this track which precedes a full length album due out... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-10
  • D.U.S.T. “Higher”
    D.U.S.T. just sent over their new single “Higher” and a killer video.  Check this one out, it will definitely take you higher!  ... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-09
  • Very Cool Tunes wants to make your video!
      Very Cool Tunes is proud to announce the start of a truly revolutionary service for artists and musicians!  Get your very own band music video today with our talented and passionate staff!  How much?  $5 Order Now before we realize we are crazy doing this We probably will realize... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-09
  • L.A.C.E. (Lyrically A Conscience Effort) “Cypher”
    I got something truly amazing sent to me just now, it’s from a collective of artists referred to as L.A.C.E. (Lyrically A Conscience Effort) and the tracks I have been reviewing “Cypher” and it is so fresh and the styles of each unique artist in this hot roster are quite... read more
    Source: Very Cool Tunes | Published on 2014-07-07


I wish I would have heard about it more earlier but I am glad some of my friends got me to checkout the new Cosmos series.  I’ve only caught one or two so far and have to say it is outstanding!  I hope they have it on youtube for those of us who consciously decided years ago to turn off the TV.  What a great show… Bravo!

I have found it is much better to rely on yourself than others

In my life I have taken the path to “Cultivate my own garden” struggling to learn new skills and refining hobbies that have turned into professions all the while asking for help along the way when needed.  It is always best to rely on yourself first yet when faced with a challenge that you just can’t get through turn to others for assistance.  There is ALWAYS someone there.  ALWAYS.  No matter how dark it gets no matter how hard it is to motivate yourself to do something just visualize lifting yourself up and getting better.  You will in due time.  I know it is hard to realize it but even if it takes a very long time small steps are the best way to a long journey and you need to always start small.  If your only task is getting up out of bed, brushing your teeth and making a nice meal of scrambled eggs with turkey bacon sobeit.  You did something.  If you only got out of bed and skipped the brushing your teeth and nice nutritious meal that’s great too.  I have been in many places up, down and everywhere in between and know how difficult it is to motivate yourself to do something.  What I have learned is just try something new like a nice walk near a pond saying hi to all the beauty of mother nature, slowly walk down a bustling noisy street in some big city, lay down at a warm sunny beach somewhere in this beautiful place we named earth or cuddle up and watch a good happy movie or read an uplifting book.  Whatever it is just do it and you will thank yourself all the more and be able to do it more regularly the more you try it.  Wishing you a great day filled with great new experiences!

Your minds’ eye

To expand and grow your minds’ eye is one of the greatest gifts and challenges in life. Take each day as a new opportunity to grow its perspective.  Have meaningful conversations and listen carefully to everyone’s sliver of reality sharing hope and joy with advice and good humor all the while engaging in the struggles we all must face.

One country over everything USASRC

I don’t know seeing how things are turning out in the Ukraine I get the feeling that the United States, the Soviet Republic and China are all figuring out that the three countries can rule the entire world as one giant empire.   As my dear country America turns more communistic, China more capitalistic and Russia more fascistic where’s the wiggle room for freedom loving human beings?  I don’t know maybe just Bermuda on a nice pink sand beach?  Do you?